I coordinate sculpting courses in a quiet region in the middle of France. More specifically, in a barn in a tiny hamlet called 'Le Sioudray’, which is located in Urciers, région Centre, département Indre.


The course will proceed as follows:


- over the course of 3 days, we create a clay sculpture of a live, professional model.

- from that clay statue, we create a plaster mold

- cement or plaster is poured into the mold.

- the mold is chipped off (moule perdu).

- you have now created a sculpture!

- the course ends with a small-scale exhibition in which we present the sculptures to the locals.



Life on location:

In the meantime, you’re welcome to enjoy wonderful meals in the linden orchard or in the barn dining room.

The meals will be prepared by experienced chefs.

You’ll receive personal coaching tailored to your skills and personality.

The course is aimed at both beginners and advanced participants.

The purpose of the course: developing an eye for detail!

The course is quite intense, but the result (your sculpture) will be worth it.



This year, there are two available courses:



TORSO or BUST (your choice): life size, cast in cement or plaster



July: date of arrival: 04/07/2018 - date of departure: 14/07/2018 (ALREADY FULL)

August: date of arrival: 16/08/2018 - date of departure: 26/08/2018



July 2018: € 1.188 - August 2018: € 1.188

€50 insurance anulment included (NoGo Europ Assistance) for those participants who live in Belgium.



The price includes all food (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks) and drinks, a live model, all materials and lodging in a gîte in Néret, at 7 km from Le Sioudray. Why not take that opportunity to cycle or jog to the course location?

Camping in the orchard is also possible (please bring your own camping equipment). No discounts will be given to participants who choose this option.


- TRAVELING (650 km from Antwerp to 36160 Le Sioudray, Urciers):

Because participants usually travel with quite some luggage, they normally come by car.

That’s why I always try to get people to carpool. Carpooling means as many participants as possible travel together, which minimizes the strain on the environment and allows for sharing of highway tolls. In order to help you organise carpooling I'll send a mail to the participants with all the emailaddresses.

Please bear in mind that will have to take your sculptures on your back journey home.

If you prefer traveling by train, please contact me so we can arrange for a pick up/drop off service at Chateauroux station (nearly 50 km from Le Sioudray / cost of a one-way drive is 12 EUR).

Please be advised that a train ticket is low-cost if booked 3 months in advance.

In case not all the sculptures (of train passengers) can be transported back, we are well prepared the take them with us (address: my atelier in Antwerp-Hoboken).



If you’re interested in participating in one of these courses, please contact me at and wire an advance of €250 to the following Belgian bankaccount:

IBAN: BE05 7330 0439 8675


registered under MODO V.o.F., Victor Jacobslei 65, 2600 Antwerpen-Berchem, Belgium.

Please make sure to mention “Loyer + your name + desired internship date”.


If you cancel before 01 June 2018, your advance payment will be reimbursed.

From the 1 June 2018 on your registration can only be cancelled according the conditions of the anulment insurance by Europ Assistance.

The minimum number of participants is 6, with a maximum of 10. (If the number of inscriptions is insufficient, we cancel the course. Should this occur, we'll let you know one month in advance, and refund your money.)


Kind regards,

Monique Donckers

For more information, please contact me on + 32 485 47 22 77 or