2014: Ciro Horn, Horn NL: Dress the Part

2014: Tessenderlo, primary school "We are the Time", Monument commemorating the great explosion of 14 april 1942

2011: Brecht Cemetary: Tomb of Ludo Donckers

2010: PC StAmedeus/PVT Waesdonck: The Shadow

2009: Botanical Gardens - Antwerp: Greening

2009: Ciro Horn, Horn NL: The Naked Therapist

2008: Lochtenburgplein, Bercht: Rage, Rage, against the dying of the light

2004: Veterinary, Berchem: Balcony Sculpture

2003: PC Bethanië, Zoersel: In-Between

2001: Psychiatric Clinic Alexianen, Tienen: Inside-Out

2000: Beckton&Dickinson, Aalst

1998: PZ StNorbertus, Duffel: Transit

1998: Domein Het Muysbroeck, Ekeren: Buddy

1996: OCMW Nursing Home Joosten: Aging with Grace

1995: University Antwerp: The Hedonist

1994: ZOO, Antwerp: The Elephant Seal

1994: Huize Tordale, Torhout: The Autist