"MAD MAIDEN" – an art project.


The Mad Maiden exhibition took place in the Hof van Busleyden in Mechelen, Belgium from 26 August to 11 December 2016. Its centrepiece was the iconic Mad Maiden sculpture by Rik Wouters.


Inspired by this sculpture, four patients from the De Loods art centre at the Duffel psychiatric hospital, and four residents of the Oud Oefenplein neighbourhood took on the challenge of recreating the sculpture in clay. They were supervised by the sculptor Monique Donckers.


Their joint creative process and interaction with the neighbourhood was filmed by the artist Ilke De Vries. The participants were asked about their feelings of joie de vivre.


This project was a collaboration between the De Loods art centre in Duffel, the Mechelen North neighbourhood initiative and the De Schijf neighbourhood and local service centre.



Photos: copyright notice from Musea & Erfgoed Mechelen ("Mechelen Museums & Heritage") – photographer Sophie Nuytten